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Mission Statement

Center for Global Integrated Education, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is: to develop, support, and promote integrated educational programs and materials; to foster the development of full human potential; encourage the preservation of global natural resources; and inspire the creation of unity among diverse peoples of the world.

Motivating Principles

We are inspired by many of the world’s spiritual luminaries and educators who taught us that human nature is fundamentally spiritual and that spiritual principles, which resonate with the human soul, provide an enormous motivational power for change and progress.

Who Are We?

We are a group of educators, environmental scientists, physical and mental health professionals, lawyers, and parents who are inspired by the conspicuous need to restructure educational systems around the world. We are dedicated to addressing these fundamental needs through establishment of a global non-profit organization.


One Good Road Guide to the Mystery of Formative Assessment

My bright and brilliant grand daughter is taking driving lessons these days! Every one knows the purpose of it; thank God. Her instructor  knows how to teach it; more or less! And every one knows what it means when she passes her final grade. Done. Every time she gets behind the wheel she will assess ...

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Mystical Chants of Baha’i Prayers in Persian by Keyvan Geula

This is by far one of my most loved prayers of Abdu’l-Baha. The sound is not distorted on my website as it is on Youtube. This picture of Shiva Mahmoodi Asadu’llah Zadeh happened to be faded like this. My memories of her loving devotions to the Faith is, however, very bright. A dear and talented ...

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Common Core for Spiritually Responsible Education

What comes to mind when we hear the word Spiritual? Is there such a concept as becoming spiritually learned? And if so what are the criteria for becoming spiritually learned? What will be the benefits of becoming spiritually learned to the individual? What will be the benefits to the society? How would spiritually responsible education ...

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Reviews on the talk روان درمانی با الهام از ایین بهائئ، by Keyvan Geula

The above video is intended as a training video for Persian speaking psychotherapist around the world who are interested in Baha’i inspired approach to psychotherapy and harmony of science and religion in psychotherapy. A similar talk was presented at the 2017 ABS conference in Garden Grove California. I have asked my students of psychology to ...

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How These Young Parents are Identifying Their Spiritual Self

  Every week we get together with a group of concerend young adults and parents to explore  the many aspects and functions of Integrated Education and how it might transform the experience of what we call education. One of the members of our group was absent because of having a surgery. We decided to hold ...

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Affirmative Assessment of CGIE Spiritual Empowerment Program

In the above picture, at the conclusion of the semester, students and their mentors were divided into two groups to draw all they considered worth remembering from their learning in the past few months. They each got a poster paper and took 30 sec turns to draw what came to their mind. After enough rounds ...

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CGIE accepts interns who are interested in its mission, can benefit from the internship and are able to make a contribution.



CGIE Empowerment Program is an after school integrated education program guided by the principle of oneness of all humanity...



Our Palomares Spiritual Empowerment Program has been in operation since March 2014...



CGIE has two separate programs we are currently offering, one for primary school age children and one for junior youth age 11-15.



Hamid Rastegar

Hamid Rastegar has a doctorate in environmental science and engineering from UCLA and is the President and CEO of Aspen Engineering Group ...

Heshmat Shariary

Was born in 1934. He is married and has three children. He received his MD Degree (1960) from Shiraz Medical School and specialization in Orthopedic...

Farideh Shariary

Received her nursing diploma (1969) in Romford, England. She did her operating room post training at the Middlesex Hospital London, Hospital for...

Mondana Najafabadi-Chong

Has been an attorney since 1991 and is licensed to practice law in the State of California and United States Federal courts. Her law firm’s primary...

Keyvan Geula, MS., LMFT

Mrs. Geula is a licensed, Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, and Family Mediator in private practice in California. She specializes in the integration of...

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