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Parkland Is a School! How About Considering Character Education?

How much do we know about the radical impact of human character on peace and the quality and safety of our children’s education???? The answer has direct relations to how much money we are willing to invest in character education!!! On the anniversary of school shooting we read so many headlines such as: To the …


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Where to Start When You Worry About Your Child’s Speech

Language development and ability to talk is both a source of joy and worry for many parents. In raising my own three children, I felt so lucky and gratified as all three started to say their first words around 9 months and by 18 months all three could express their thoughts, feelings and wants in …


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E2: Pray



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E1: Ay – Amorzegar

Keyvan Geula


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Do We Listen, When we Listen and How We Listen? That is the Question.

A new friend recently moved into our community from across the globe. How could we connect and what could be the cement of our connection? I have learned that I cannot take any assumptions I might make as facts. Every individual is unique and has unique issues, joys and concerns. My first step is to …

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