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Be Worthy of The Trust of Your Neighbor: Avoiding Plagiarism

The art of paraphrasing, sharing, using, referring to a source in without committing plagiarism, which is a serious violation, is complex and most important. Often students get into trouble not because they are dishonest but because they do not really know how to walk the walk. For Baha’i students, this is specially critical because, the …


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Fascism in the Light of The Advent of Divine Justice!

Last Friday evening July 22, 2018, I was invited to speak at a gathering at Boone’s Hall in Scripps College called Under the Skin. The event was initiated by Micah Huang the son of the two professors at Claremont Colleges, Rachel and Hao Huang. The combination of music and stories shared was meant to heal …


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Reflections on Hummingbirds Before Their Flight


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What makes Music the Ladder of Our Soul?

Classical music night is a community supported space for the masters and students of classical music to join together to perform, support, enjoy, and practice classical music. The venue of a living room adds a special feel and charm to this elevating experience. The evening is open to the community and specially those who wish …


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A Letter From the Bab Before His Martyrdom

The inner feelings of the Manifestations of God in the face of imprisonment, persecution, crucifixion, and cruelty of the people of their time, has been a very deep quest of mine. In this very intimate and transparent letter revealed by the Bab almost a year before His martyrdom by the Islamic authorities and government of …

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