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21 Sep · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

Interview With Judge James Nelson on why Baha’i Administration Matters?

      Watching the news these days is a stressful! Who wants another downer while under seemingly never ending lockdown, watching innocent people all over the world struggle in search of what they call normal and in constant fear of whose is next departing this life with tubes stuck in their throat away from …


14 Feb · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

John Hopkins Research Makes Learning By Heart Faster

    This article called: A Johns Hopkins Study Reveals the Scientific Secret to Double How Fast You Learn Making one small change to the way you practice can make a huge difference in how quickly you gain new skills. by Jeff Hadden was a delight to read and brought to mind our own recent …


26 Dec · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

How Santa Can Become a Unifying Figure for All Kids from all Faiths?

    Shirin and Hasan, a Muslim couple, have been having a conflict over whether to put or not to put a Christmas tree in their living room so their two children 6 and 8 year old may feel included in what appears to be an important event every body talks about and also expect …


27 Nov · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

A Baha’i Inspired Composition for Expectant Parents.

Recently I have had the marvelous fortune of family and friends having babies. I find myself thinking of these new parents and the blessings of raising a new life and discover new meanings in the Baha’i prayers for new borns. O Thou peerless Lord! Let this suckling babe be nursed from the breast of Thy …


22 Nov · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

Dost Thou Reckon Thyself Only a Puny Form?

    “Dost thou reckon thyself only a puny form When within thee the universe is folded?”    The Seven Valleys and The Four Valleys, “The Valley of Wonderment”, quoting ‘Alí , p. 34 In his 1968 paper called, becoming Your True Self; Daniel Jordan writes:   “It is interesting to note that, if our …

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