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How These Young Parents are Identifying Their Spiritual Self

  Every week we get together with a group of concerend young adults and parents to explore  the many aspects and functions of Integrated Education and how it might transform the experience of what we call education. One of the members of our group was absent because of having a surgery. We decided to hold …


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Affirmative Assessment of CGIE Spiritual Empowerment Program

In the above picture, at the conclusion of the semester, students and their mentors were divided into two groups to draw all they considered worth remembering from their learning in the past few months. They each got a poster paper and took 30 sec turns to draw what came to their mind. After enough rounds …


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Palomares Empowerment Program Won Three Awards

      Natalie and Susan are delighted to see our team of Palomares Empowerment/Transformative Mediation receiving three sets of awards from the PUSD Board of Education, City of Pomona and The California Legislature in 2017. We find these awards most affirming and encouraging to the sacrificial labour of love we offered to make a …


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5 Reasons Why Our Students Said; It is an Honor to be Part of This Class !!

      The role of knowing and acknowledging spiritual self in building harmonious and flourishing global communities. In 2016 annual conference of CAMFT I was surprised to receive a ribbon acknowledging my 25th years of practice serving as a licensed marriage, Family and Child Therapist. When I look further back, I see the hope …


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A Poem on How Baha’is of Iran Enjoy Celebrating Naw-Ruz in Prison

  هفت سين در سجن طرحى ديگر است     Naw-Ruz means a new day in Persian language. Naw-Ruz is the first day of spring in northern Hemisphere celebrated in several calendars including the Jalali Calendar and the Baha’i Calendar. The Iranian calendars (Persian: گاه‌ شماری ایرانی‎‎ Gâhshomâriye Irâni) are a succession of calendars invented …


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