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Do We Listen, When we Listen and How We Listen? That is the Question.

A new friend recently moved into our community from across the globe. How could we connect and what could be the cement of our connection? I have learned that I cannot take any assumptions I might make as facts. Every individual is unique and has unique issues, joys and concerns. My first step is to …


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Five Reasons Drawing Was Used to Enhance and Assess Students Integrated Education

Drawing mixed with writing was one of our students most welcome means of interpersonal as well as intrapersonal communication in Palomares Spiritual Empowerment program (PSEP). In our observation students not only enjoyed the process but also we noticed a much higher level of focus and concentration, cooperation vs competition, intergroup loving and caring support and …


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Happiness Is In Your Tail; Try And Catch it!!

students of Palomares Spiritual Empowerment Program (PSEP) after reflection on their training and learning how it feels to be of service to others. One day a fox was passing by in the forest and saw her old friend dog chasing after its own tail. The fox was puzzled and asked the dog what is all …


28 Oct · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

Corporal Punishment; To do or Not To Do

The Baha’i Writings have been in the forefront of counseling and educating humanity, including parents and educators, on the examination of what is proper and effective discipline in the light of the purpose of bringing children up to be godlike spiritual beings. Baha’i teachings talks about the importance of some form of discipline and at …


13 Sep · keyvan · No Comments

Be Worthy of The Trust of Your Neighbor: Avoiding Plagiarism

The art of paraphrasing, sharing, using, referring to a source in without committing plagiarism, which is a serious violation, is complex and most important. Often students get into trouble not because they are dishonest but because they do not really know how to walk the walk. For Baha’i students, this is specially critical because, the …

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