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2 Sep · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

Did Harvard University Give a Standing Ovation for The Teachings of Baha’u’llah?

My brother sent me this illuminating and exhilarating commencement speech by Angela Merkel as I was finishing the end of semester of my BIHE on line psychology students in Iran quietly moving on!!.   As I listened to the hindsight and wise words of this powerful and celebrated woman saying; “nothing has to stay the …


28 May · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

Spiritual Education Success in Public School Paper Published by UNM Revisited

Once again the topic is to teach or not to teach spiritual education in public schools is at the center of educators attention. Dr. Ding Jo Currie is hosting the discussion Sat. June, 1, 2019 Bellow are some of the questions explored; What is spiritual education? What do we mean by spiritual? What role religion …


17 May · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

    The short and sweet article by TEHRENE FIRMAN, MAY 17, 2019 titled; THIS IS *EXACTLY* HOW LONG TO WASH YOUR HANDS TO SCRUB AWAY GERMS grabbed my full attention right away.     As a Baha’i child in my Baha’i children classes I had memorized the Baha’i verse in Persian that said; نضافت …


13 Feb · keyvan · No Comments

Parkland Is a School! How About Considering Character Education?

How much do we know about the radical impact of human character on peace and the quality and safety of our children’s education???? The answer has direct relations to how much money we are willing to invest in character education!!! On the anniversary of school shooting we read so many headlines such as: To the …


6 Feb · keyvan · No Comments

Where to Start When You Worry About Your Child’s Speech

Language development and ability to talk is both a source of joy and worry for many parents. In raising my own three children, I felt so lucky and gratified as all three started to say their first words around 9 months and by 18 months all three could express their thoughts, feelings and wants in …

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