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12 Jul · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

A Letter From the Bab Before His Martyrdom

The inner feelings of the Manifestations of God in the face of imprisonment, persecution, crucifixion, and cruelty of the people of their time, has been a very deep quest of mine. In this very intimate and transparent letter revealed by the Bab almost a year before His martyrdom by the Islamic authorities and government of …


6 Jul · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

Don’t Forget the Best

  Judge Dorothy W. Nelson holds a Baha’i fireside in her home every Wednesday evening where public is invited. This unique gathering has been going on every Wed for over 40 years!! It serves a very important function of providing education and conversation about the oneness of humanity, the oneness of all religions, and the …


2 Jul · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

Free Will

The question of choice and free will while we are bling to the fact that “the King is with us” as Rumi shares Even though we have choice in all decisions we make, most of us are not really sure what we want or what is a good decision until we see it in a …


27 Jun · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

Reflections on Hummingbird

      Nature has always been intimately connected to the world of my prayers, reflection and meditation. As I look at a rose and inhale it fragrance, I do not see just a piece of nature. I see a divine token, “a light that will leads me unto the ocean of His presence”; as …


16 Mar · Keyvan Geula · No Comments

One Good Road Guide to the Mystery of Formative Assessment

My bright and brilliant grand daughter is taking driving lessons these days! Every one knows the purpose of it; thank God. Her instructor  knows how to teach it; more or less! And every one knows what it means when she passes her final grade. Done. Every time she gets behind the wheel she will assess …

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