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Don’t Forget the Best


Judge Dorothy W. Nelson holds a Baha’i fireside in her home every Wednesday evening where public is invited. This unique gathering has been going on every Wed for over 40 years!! It serves a very important function of providing education and conversation about the oneness of humanity, the oneness of all religions, and the oneness of God and other principles that distinguishes this new Revelation from God and the role it must play is rescuing mankind from its present sad and dangerous plight.

Judge Dorothy Nelson sent an email after this fireside: “Dearest Keyvan: You are simply one of the very very best teachers we have!!! I am so glad you are recording your talks because they are  beautifully planned and organized.  You impart deep knowledge of the  teachings in such an interesting way with your stories taken directly from the teachings. With loving gratitude for all that you do for the Faith, Dorothy”

It is always such an honor for me to support this illuminating gathering in search of truth and oneness.


I am most grateful for the Baha’i Writings to guide my thoughts and to protect my finite mind from the whisperings of my own vein imaginations. With its guiding and protecting light, I hope to minimize the pitfalls of walking in the dark while guiding others. Baha’u’llah writes:

To whatever heights the mind of the most exalted of men may soar, however great the depths which the detached and understanding heart can penetrate, such mind and heart can never transcend that which is the creature of their own conceptions and the product of their own thoughts.

Bahá’u’lláh, “Lawḥ-i-Salmán I”


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