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Free Will

The question of choice and free will while we are bling to the fact that “the King is with us” as Rumi shares

Even though we have choice in all decisions we make, most of us are not really sure what we want or what is a good decision until we see it in a context and are able to compare. Everything is relative for us. None of us inherently possesses an inner compass. We are like an airplane in flight trying to land. We wish to have guidance and protection according to Dan Ariely

In this talk Keyvan Geula explores the Baha’i Teachings as a new and universal context to help us make decisions about life and relationships, about right or wrong based on the principle of oneness of all humanity and the need for spiritual insight.

Baha’i Teachings tells of man possessing two natures, a natural and animal nature we are born with and a spiritual and Godlike nature we must will to develop. Research by Dan Ariely confirms that: “most people do not know what they want until they evaluate their decision in a context and compare.”

In this talk, Keyvan Geula explores a few aspects of the challenge and excitement of exercising our free will.




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