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Serving Together & Having Fun Together


CGIE interns take great pride in serving with joy

The joy of service has no limits. PEP Team is participating at the palomares Academy of health Sciences rally to empower students to take advantage of the opportunities of our support and training for their 120 hours of community service required for graduation.

The process of working as a team, and designing an integrated education curriculum that addresses the emotional, psychological, social, intellectual, relational, and spiritual needs of the students is both challenging and rewarding. Much is involved in the process such as;

Getting together, cooking, eating, consulting, praying, reflecting, singing, presenting, building relationship with those we serve such as the students, parents, school staff, teachers, and community builders.


Valerie and Susan chop the fresh ingredient for our CGIE team breakfast jan 2016


The recipe is to improvise in mixing complementary flavors and textures intuitively. You have to use your nose as well as your sense of sight and taste to create a delicious mix.


Valerie and Susan are impressed by the aroma of what they have put together. For the omelet we used our own chickens eggs.


Susan and Keyvan are having fun crushing the egg shells before feeding it to the chickens. This way the chickens will not recognize the crushed shells as eggs and will not eat their own eggs.                                                                                                           Keyvan






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