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Growth Mindset and the Role of Affirmation and Prayer in Empowering Youth



This year PEP is offering its program as an in-school every day curriculum. The Empowerment program is integrated with a transformative mediation training. To create the transformative aspects of the curriculum we have selected a simple and concise mediation training program designed by Fairfax County Public School Department of Special Services called Ten Lessons for Teaching Conflict Resolution Skills.

The transformative aspects to the program, is guided by the feedback and needs of the students we work with. The result is a collaborative process and a work in progress. We evaluate the program by the degree of change and growth we observe in our students as well as the team of trainers and collaborators. For every day of lesson, the students submit a written journal reflecting on what they experienced, their thoughts, feelings, hopes and wants and the action they like to take to make progress.

Lesson Three focuses on Points of Views and the significance of adopting a win/win mindset as we develop a deeper understanding of the principle of oneness and interdependence of all humanity. The lessons in this segment are grounded in appreciation of our role in creating the means of unity in diversity and how together we are always better.

The students study the statement in Paris Talks that says,

“If you meet those of different race and colour from yourself, Do not mistrust them and withdraw yourself into your shell of conventionality, but rather be glad and show them kindness. Think of them as different coloured roses growing in the garden of humanity and rejoice to be among them.”       Paris Talks p. 53

In appreciation of power of meaning and its effect on growth and brain, we asked the students to examine the role of affirmation and prayers as two most powerful states of being open to influence. The students who all are familiar with the process of praying, wrote a prayer wishing for their own growth. They were asked to write in 5 minutes 5 lines beginning with; O Providence, make me…… Everyone including the trainers participated in the activity. Once finished the each person was invited to stand up and share their prayer so their friends can know of their wishes and support it in their moments of reflection and meditation. The spirit in the class was most loving and warm and created an added level of cohesion and fellowship.

After every one shred their prayers, we read the prayer for youth which echoed many of the wishes students had expressed in their personal prayers.

The video summary reflection above is a token of our joy in serving our youth as a team.


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