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PEP Is Growing a Village One Family at a Time


From the onset of our Palomares Empowerment program, we knew that real education will not be possible without inviting the support and collaboration of school, community, and our student’s families. indeed; “Every child is potentially the light of the world—and at the same time its darkness; wherefore must the question of education be accounted as of primary importance.”  

School is one of the pillars of child’s education.  A whole village must come together to help our children grow and develop in utmost beauty and bring into fruition all of their capacities and capabilities. All children need a loving, diverse and unified village that represents all the beauty and diversity of our global family today. We are created to know and love each other as one family.

Our every other Sunday afternoon visit with Sianna’s family is proven a delight. We share food together, we share stories together, we laugh together and attend to the social and emotional needs of our newly growing community life making sure every one feels loved. We also share food for thought, food for the soul, music and songs where every one can come together making harmony, prayers that expresses our hopes and wishes for our children and youth, art, stories and all that makes us feel enriched and illumined as an extended family and celebrate the real sense of community. 

Together, we are building a village unlike the traditional village where people are mostly homogeneous, they all look alike, speak the same language, have similar culture, eat familiar food and represent only a small piece of the whole. Ours is a new kind of village. A global village distinguished by its unity in diversity of all kinds. What a joy to be part of this organic celebration of unity in diversity. What brings us closer and closer every time we come together, is not our blood relations, our colors, our religious traditions, ethnicities, economic status, or even neighborhood, we come together to celebrate our love for each other and discovery of our shared humanity, which is our highest identity. 

I feel like we are planting a beautiful and fruitful garden together so we learn together, grow together and sprout a deep sense of hope to all who dream of a world that can celebrate diversity instead of being threatened by it.

The picture above is a glimpse of the flower garden of our humanity. It is a community garden. We water it with time, love, care and deep sense of appreciating our unity in diversity.

Thank you Delgadillo family and all of PEP team for making it possible. Thank you Camille, Superintendent Martinez, and Fernando Mesa for nurturing the vision of unity in diversity for our school community.


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