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Cultivating the Ability of Creation and Practice: The Core Tendency of Present Education Reform in China.

Bosch Conference Center Santa Cruz Ca.

Bosch Conference center santa Cruz California

Prof. Youqing Chen

College of Education Science of Central China Normal University


Education in China has its peculiar traditions, which are different from those of the West. These traditions have been formed in the long history of 2-thousand years. Their manifestations are: on one hand, education in China pays most attention to moral education, and emphasizes that we should let students master the systematic and firm knowledge from books; on the other hand, it gives least attention to cultivating students’ consciousness and ability of creation and practice. In order to accommodate to the contemporary characteristics of globalization, informationization, marketization, and also coordinate with the needs of talent required for economic, technological, cultural and political reforms in China, our education should urgently put the cultivation of students’ consciousness and ability of creation and practice into a vital position. The curriculum reform, having been carried forward now in China, reflects this tendency, such as on the basis of former curricula, adding comprehensive activity curriculum, which is helpful to develop students’ ability of practice, and advocating students to learn by the inquire-based way, etc.


Professor Chen Youqing, male, Doctor of Pedagogy, has now worked in the College of Educational Science in Central China Normal University, and mainly engages in teaching and researching on the theories of curriculum and instruction.

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