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Integrated Education: A Student’s Perspective

Integrated Education: a student’s perspective

Ramses Rashidi

Director, Alliance for Balanced Development

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Education, traditionally has been concerned with human development and knowledge as it is relevant to the advancement of civilization and social order. However, in the modern times, with the incredible unfoldment of technology and discoveries, education has become focused on science and art to the extent where other aspects of life such as human relations and self-understanding has been neglected creating a fragmented model of education. Here, this paper will examine the characteristics and features of an integrated education model and how it can lead to mental, physical and spiritual development of the individual and contribute to social order and unity.


Contents: (30 minutes)

Education & the advancement of civilization:

  • Education concepts in ancient times (The privileged)
  • Source of knowledge and the role of “TEACHERS”
  • Self-realization and understanding human station
  • Family and love for humankind
  • Nation building & the evolution of science
  • Global village and the age of information


Modern education (a fragmented model):

  • Typical science and art curriculum (math, language, physics, ..)
  • Mental development (learning, mass media and contribution)
  • Self-care (cleanliness, nutrition, physical edu.)
  • Environmental awareness (natural resources and consumption)
  • Moral education and social skills (virtues,..)


Integrated Education (a comprehensive model):

Abdu’l-Baha, a visionary and a great teacher of the modern times, offers an integrated approach to education which focuses on three major areas as follows:

  • Material education
  • Human education
  • Spiritual education



Ramses Rashidi, is an educator and a musician as well as an entrepreneur who has been conducting search for finding solutions to more effective models of learning in the context of work, mass media and human interaction. He has developed music and material for children as well as writing articles for newspapers. He has been living in China since 1990 and currently travels between United States and China promoting new models of development and education.


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