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Moral Versus Spiritual Values

Moral Versus Spiritual Values

Heshmat Shariary MD

Member of the board of Center for Global Integrated Education

3330 San Pasqual

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Despite so many achievements in science and technology, we are confronted with so many problems in our society. Sociologists and many philosophers believe that we have paid most of our attention to science and little or no attention to our moral values.  However, some philosophers and many theologists believe moral values alone are not enough to control and sustain human behavior and deeds.  That divorced from beliefs in human volition, immortality of life and a metaphysical super power, moral values lose their effectiveness and cease to guide and control man’s individual and social life.  But when moral values are combined with three beliefs of human volition, immortality of life and the presence of a super power, then moral progress becomes a possibility.  A combination of moral values and these three beliefs is called spiritual values which is the basis of all religions of the world.




Was born in 1934.  He is married and has three children.  He received his MD Degree (1960) from Shiraz Medical School and specialization in Orthopedic Surgery (1968) from University of Louisville, School of Medicine, Kentucky.  Dr. Shariary has been active with Chinese cross-cultural exchange and Sino-American friendship activities since 1990 and has been serving as a board member of PRIDE since 1994.


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