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Necessary Preconditions On Modern Education And Humanization

Necessary Preconditions On Modern Education And Humanization

Qing Tao





It is a key problem with the present educational theory, which not balance the knowledge teaching and humanization very harmoniously in the modern education. In the traditional Chinese educational theory, humanization, which is the people’s transformation, is the primary foundation for the education but just for a decoration. Therefore, It is presently crucial to not only integrate education and humanization, but cultivate students who are both intellectual and civilized as well.  We can realize our educational and humanization goals in the case that we strength people’s the consciousness of morality and make them one of the motivations for people actions.


Keywords: Education  Humanization  Consciousness of morality  motivations for people actions




Name, Tao qing

Gender, Male

Birth date, June, 1955

Birthplace, Hefei  Anhui province P. R.China

Educational degree, Master of Ph.. Anhui University

Title, Senior Researcher  Anhui Academy of Social Sciences

Major, modernization of Chinese traditional culture

Contact phone number, 86-551-2606694

Mail address,    Anhui Academy of Social Sciences  230053

Weigang Hefei Anhui province

People’s Republic of China


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