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From Political Education to Moral Education

From Political Education to Moral Education

Prof. Dongping Yang

Beijing Science and Technology University, 100081



One of the greatest challenges facing Chinese education is to reestablish the framework of moral education and, at the same time, to create more original ideas. Traditional Chinese education centered on ethical issues, whereas the situation twisted in the 20th century. With a surging radical change in the basic educational believes and negative critiques on traditions, the traditional education on culture and ethics has come to a cease. New political education has replaced the traditional moral education based on the new ideology, great importance has been attached to practical values such as Scientism, instrumentalism。Thus problems appear due to unsuccessful moral education on juveniles. The role that education plays in Humanities and morality can never be more important at the threshold of a new millennium. Last but not least, to promote the massive quality of Chinese people with cultural consciousness in the times of globalization, juveniles should receive education on citizenship as well as traditional Chinese cultural and moral education.




Dongping Yang, Educator, writer and professor at Beijing Science and Technology University; President of the 21 Century Education Graduate School.

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