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On the School Transformation in China in Contemporary

On the School Transformation in China in Contemporary

Prof. Xiaowei Yang

Education Department of East China Normal Univ, Shanghai,200062




Basing the researches of the key projects, such as the Whole Reform in the School, the Subjectivity-Education Experiment and the New Schooling Project, in which the author had having experienced as a designer, an organizer or a participant of those projects. The author explored the developmental trance of schooling change in our country since 80s in 20th century, and analyzed how to change the value pursuit, structures and reform strategies in our schools during the social transform in China. On the basis of above researches, adding the enlighten of the experience and thought-resources in the school reform during 20 century in western, the author put forward the hypothesis about the new style school in future. Especially the author has paid more attention to the differences between the eastern and western in China, and the possibilities of learning or cooperation each other.




Xiaowei Yang, Professor and vice-director of Institute of Basic Education Reform and Development, East China Normal University.

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