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Integrated Education for Four Learning

Integrated Education For Four Learning

Prof. Qing mao Meng

Psychology school, Beijing Normal University



The nature of integrated education is focusing on the development of human beings, developing students’ ability of adapting to and participating in social life. Knowledge education make students get wisdom, life education develop students’ healthy personality. We should use Four learning i.e. Learning to know, Learning to do, Learning to live together, Learning to be to integrate the whole education. Students is center in education, teacher should motivate students to learn initiatively; Knowing and practicing should be unified in teaching; Making students learn in real life; Students should learn from such processes as self-developing and independent personality shaping. The key of education of Four Learning is to respect students’ personality, to respect students’ cognitive law, to respect students’ needs. The psychological basis of Four Learning—-education orientated at personality is researches about psychological health, learning theories and competence in modern society.



Qing maoMeng,teacher, president in high school; lecturer, associate professor, professor in department of psychology, Beijing normal university Beijing 100875.  Research area: experimental psychology, applying psychology, psychological statistics, psychological measurement, researching method, education evaluation.


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